Sunday, June 10, 2018

Re-Dating the Smita

Topic One


Jeremiah warned of the destruction of Damascus adding “who shall appoint me a time? The appointed time is important because there will be an attack on Israel.
The Rabbi’s had pointed to the date of March 20-21, 2015, which would have fit the rule of Bashur Al Assad. However, nothing happened on those predicted dates.  Karin, then, had an insight. Since the next Jubilee year would have to be 50 years after the 2015 date, this would not allow the bible prophecies to be accurate. That was when an almost impossible idea occurred to her.  

What if the Rabbis had chosen the wrong date?

Isaiah 29 predicts that the years and dates of Hebrew festivals will be wrong, as a war approaches. “Woe, O Ariel, Ariel the city where David once camped! Add year to year; observe your feasts on schedule.”

 Josephus wrote of a great cycle of 600 year cycle that ended at the year 27 AD
  • 572 BCE (the time of Ezekiel's vision) and the jubilee year that marked the commencement of Jesus' ministry occurred in pace with a time span that encompassed 12 jubilee cycles or 600 years.
  • Antiquities, 1, 3:9. (This 'great cycle' is equal to 12 jubilee cycles). 
  • (Note that year zero corresponds to year 1 CE when computing time spans that extend into the Common Era).

Jesus said he came to fulfill the “acceptable year of the Lord “. Also a term for the Jubilee after that Jesus sat down. This claim projects out to the coming of the true next Jubilee to the date of 2027AD. It’s Smita in 2026. This video explains why finding this time point may indicate that Jesus was predicting the ‘Day of the Lord”. This means,  Rabbis choose wrong date for Smita and Jubilee.

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