The Last Days

9. The Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses (4Ql74) Prophecies timed and stated 

Using the Book of Psalms as a base; other scriptures are added and compared. In regards to timing; scriptures speaking of the same events are collected and said to occur at the same future time, with one surprise. The Isaiah 37:30 scripture; “And this shall be a sign unto thee, Ye shall eat this year such as groweth of itself; and the second year that which springeth of the same: and in the third year sow ye, and reap, and plant vineyards, and eat the fruit thereof” is seen as having a still future occurrence. Thus placing the date of the 1QM War Scroll war, as holding a relationship to the Jubilee Year.


Also called; Florilegium: Dead Sea Scroll 4Q174

Frags. 1 Col. i, 21, 2 [Ps 89:23 «Not] 

1 [will] an enemy [strike him any]more, [2 Sam 7:10] [nor will] a son of iniquity [afflict] him [aga]in as in the past. From the day on which

  2 [I appointed judges] over my people, Israel». This (refers to) the house which [he will establish] for [him] in the last days, as is written in the book of

  3 [Moses: [Exod 15:17-18] «The temple of] YHWH your hands will est[a]blish. YHWH shall reign for ever and ever». This (refers to) the house into which shall not enter

  4 [… for] ever either an Ammonite, or a Moabite, or a bastard, or a foreigner, or a proselyte, never, because his holy ones are there.

  5 «Y[HW]H [shall reign for] ever». He will appear over it forever; foreigners shall not again lay it waste as they laid waste, in the past,

  6 the tem[ple of I]srael on account of their sins. And he commanded to build for himself a temple of man, to offer him in it,

  7 before him, the works of thanksgiving. 


And as for what he said to David: [2 Sam 7:11] «I [shall obtain] for you [rest] from all your enemies»: (it refers to this,) that he will obtain for them rest from a[ll]

  8 the sons of Belial, those who make them fall, to destroy th[em on account of] their [sins,] when they come with the plan of [B]el[i]al to make the s[ons of]

  9 lig[ht] fall, and to plot against them wicked plans so th[at] they [are] trapped by Belial because of their gui[l]ty error. Blank

  10 [And] YHWH [de]clares to you that [2 Sam 7:12-14] «he will build you a house. I will raise up your seed after you and establish the throne of his kingdom

  11 [for ev]er. I will be a father to him and he will be a son to me.» This (refers to the) «branch of David», who will arise with the Interpreter of the law who

  12 [will rise up] in Zi[on in] the [l]ast days, as it is written: [Amos 9:11] «I will raise up the hut of David which has fallen», This (refers to) «the hut of

  13 David which has fall[en», w]hich he will raise up to save Israel. Blank

  14 Midrash of [Ps 1:1] «Blessed [the] man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked». The interpretation of this wor[d: they are] those who turn aside from the path of [the wicked,]

  15 as it is written in the book of Isaiah, the prophet, for [the] last days: [Isa 8:11] «And it happened that with a strong [hand he turned me aside from walking on the path of] 16 this people». And (this refers to) those about whom it is written in the book of Ezekiel, the prophet, that [Ezek 44:10; 37:23] «[they should] no[t defile themselves any more with all] 17 their [i]d[o]ls». This (refers to) the sons of Zadok and (to) the m[e]n of [the]ir council, those who see[k jus]tice eagerly, who have come after them to the council of the community.

  18 [Ps 2:1] [«Why ar]e the nations [in turmoil] and hatch the peoples [idle plots? The kings of the earth t]ake up [their posts and the ru]lers conspire together against YHWH and against 19 [his anointed one». Inter]pretation of the saying: [the kings of the na]tions [are in turmoil] and ha[tch idle plots against] the elect ones of Israel in the last days.

Frags. 1 Col. II, 3, 24, 5

  1 It is the time of trial which co[mes … J]udah to complete […]

  2 Belial, and a rem[nant] will remain [… for the l]ot, and they shall put into practice all the law […]

  3 Moses; it is [… a]s is written in the book of Daniel, the prophet: [Dan 12:10; 11:32] «[The wicked] act wicked[ly …]4a and the just [… shall be whi]tened and refined and a people knowing God will remain strong». Th[ey …]

  4 … […] after the trial which is for them … […]

  5 […] when he descends […]

  6 [wic]kedness when […] … […]

  7 [I]srael and Aaron […]

  8 [k]now that he […]

  9 […] among all the seers […]

  10 […] … […]

  11 … […]

Frag. 4

  1 […] those who devour the offspring of

  2 [… fu]rious against them in their zeal

  3 […] This (refers) to the time when Belial will open

  4 [… up]on the house of Judah difficulties to persecute them

  5 […] and he will seek with all his might to scatter them

  6 [… w]ho will bring them to be

  7 [… Ju]dah and to I[sra]el … […]

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