The Vision of Jacob

 2. The Vision of Jacob (4Q537) Temple Vision discussed 

The Vision of Jacob is part of the very core of Judaism and yet remains a mystery. When the vision is solved the Qumran code will be broken. This scroll lets us know more about Jacob’s Vision. Jacob saw a celestial Temple with star men referred to as angels offering Yom Kipper sacrifices. He would have built a Temple there but the Angel told him he would go on to another place. 



Wise and Albreg Translation


[Then I had a vision at night. An angel of God came down from heaven with seven tablets in his hand. He told me, “God Most High has blessed you, and] 1 your later generations. All just and upright men will survive […and no more] 2 evil [will be done]; lying should not be found among […] 3 Now, take the tablets and read everything [that is written on them.” So I took the tablets and read. There were written all my sufferings,] 4 troubles and everything that would happen to me [during the one hundred and forty seven] years of my life. [Then he told me,” Take] this tablet.” […] 5 [So] I took that tablet [and … read everything on it.] I saw that it said [no temple should be built in this place,] 6 [… Then he told me,] “you would leave here on the [eighth] day [… and your offerings would not be] invalid before [God Most High…”] 7 […] … […]


1 [I saw…] and how will the building be built [… how] priests will be dressed, and [their hands] be purified, 2 [and how] they will offer sacrifices on the altar. And how they will eat part of their sacrifices [on the who]le earth 3 […and drink the water] that will come from the city beneath the walls, and where they […] 4 […] Blank […] 5 […Then I looked,] before me was a land divided into two squares and […]

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