Great Seal


First Topic -Obverse Side

The Great Seal of the United States was designed with a secret purpose. It is to call the tribes of Israel to return, based on the story of the Son of man coming in the clouds.

Obverse Side: The Eagle represents Aquila, and the crest is the cloud above its head with the glory.. Above Aquila is where the ancient Cloud Nebula stood, along with Api- Bau the Egyptian Chief to come, now seen as the serpent holder. It is framed with the Mogen David or seal of Solomon

Tracing the previous seals provided by the Great Seal committee we find; the Eagle was once a Phoenix, a Greek name for the entity that lived in the chief cornerstone of the Great Pyramid. There is strong reason to believe this stone was the foundation stone of the earth; laid upon by Jacob and became a pillar and followed Israel to the Red Sea. Christianity claims;The rock that followed them was Christ.


Second Topic -Reverse Side

Reverse side:there is a picture of a pyramid. It is eye in a triangle emanating The Glory.The Masonic handbook states the Eye is the Sun. (Pg.447)

  • The Sun was termed by the Greeks the Eye of Jupiter, and the Eye of the World; and his is the All- Seeing Eye of our lodges.
  • The 72 bricks represent the 72 deacons in the celestial heavens.36 in the upper hemisphere where the apparent travel of the sun tells a story. According to the masons the sun cannot lie, so the story is true.
  • The height of the Sun’s travel was the time of the autumn equinox which in ancient times was in Scorpio.
  • It is here that the Psalmist King David spoke; Heaven declares the glory of God Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun.

The Psalm continues; Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race.

Orion is the strong man said to travel with the sun. At Hebrew wedding the bridegroom steps out of the canopy to represent the stars. He steps on a glass and says Mosel Tov meaning good luck. In ancient times the bridegroom said; Mazel Tov, meaning good constellation. Orion represents the son of man coming as the Lord on a cloud.

The Great Seal committee notes the battle hymn of the Republic was written with the seal in mind; Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord… HIS TRUTH IS MARCHING ON… GLORY, GLORY,HALLELUJAH!


Third Topic

If we picture the star man (Ophiacus-Serpent Holder) seen on top in the above picture, to be represented as the patriarch Joseph then; the blessing of the sun and moon hang from his head; just like Moses said. Deuteronomy speaks of the head of Joseph holding blessings, along with a bullock that we might see as Taurus. And of Joseph Moses said, 

Blessed of the Lord be his land, for the precious things of heaven, for the dew, and for the deep that coucheth beneath,and for the precious fruits brought forth by the sun, and for the precious things put forth by the moon… let the blessing come upon the head of Joseph. His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh.

Manly Hall speaks of a celestial pyramid rising to the head of a man. Mythology connects the serpent healer with an actual man. This is Asclepius also called Imhotep; the probable builder of the Great Pyramid.  Asclepius was known as the great healer. According to tradition, Orion was stung with the scorpion and then Asclepius threw Orion to the other side of the Zodiac and raised him from the dead. Scholars now feel that Asclepius or Imhotep was Joseph. Twin Obelisks existed in Heliopolis, where Joseph lived. They contain the story of Horus 0f the two Horizons. The Egyptian Horus is also called Orion, a constellation spoken of in scripture. According to tradition Orion was stung by the scorpion, so the position can be seen as the Serpent Holder at first and then as Orion in his regular pose on the other celestial heaven horizon. Twin Obelisks in Heliopolis also matched two in Karnack. Wallace Budge said:

On these two as on the others is also the symbol of the Bull, showing them conquerors of the Serpent or Vulture Crown. The meaning of this symbol of the Bull is also much misunderstood. You would need to turn to the Star Bible for understanding of this symbol, for there is a mighty Bull pictured in the heavens…After all you are told in the Scriptures that some would not be able to understand this symbolism here connected to the House of Joseph as his people are pushing to the ends of the earth

One of the twin Heliopolis pillars was sent to America which was believed to be Manasseh and one London England believed to be Ephraim, because the story on them connects to the prophecy of the ten thousands of Ephraim, and the thousands of Manasseh that will return to Israel. According to Budge:

…eventually this Obelisk which was to follow the path of Ephraim, on January 20, 1878 reached London, England. A base or Pedestal before the Obelisk was placed on it. Among other things placed there was … a translation of John 3:16

As you view the star bible in the heavens, it should become evident that the story of the death and resurrection of Orion, was seen by England as the story of the Son of man coming from one side of the heaven onto the other; a story which Jesus connected to himself. Queen Victoria placed items into the base or time capsule as if to show Ephraim and Mannesah that the story of the death and resurrection of Orion, shown in the heavens and built into the architecture of the Great Pyramid by Joseph, was part of the Vision of Jacob and testified of God’s only son having eternal life available to whosoever would believe.


Fourth Topic

The microprosophus or face of Jacob, lays upon the foundation stone to commemorate the vision of Jacob. It is to speak like a necromancer out of the ground (Isa.29). Jeremiah indicates the portion of Jacob is not like them i.e. the idols of Babylon (Iraq) being destroyed. According to Jeremiah; He is our (Israel’s) battle ax. The1QM War Scroll agrees with this statement and notes; the dumb will sing to teach the feeble hands for war.

The Dead Sea Scroll entitled Royal Psalms is a prerequisite to understanding along with two scrolls it mentions as being written by King David; 

  1. Thanksgiving Hymns-speak of the teacher as a creature of clay, and a voice to lead the people. He state; I used to sing but now I cannot. I cannot sing unless you put words in my mouth. He also discusses the vision in the words; before me are stars in their courses luminaries in their mysteries.
  2. The Songs on the Sabbath Sacrifices-opens with the relationship to the apparent travel of the Sun. (* press see more for more info.

The Thanksgiving Hymns and Songs of Sabbath Sacrifices are addressed to the Maskil; a name which means the beholder and instructor of the vision. The Levites gave voice to this image by singing these Psalms on the porch of the temple. The porch was called Ulam meaning tongue. 

The following is postulated: 

  1. The face of Jacob is the reader. He is singing, using a picture of the heavens themselves as the script. He is the dumb who will sing to teach feeble hands for war. He sings when psalms are placed on his tongue
  2. This means that the songs sung by the teacher each Sabbath was part of the heavenly declaration that God designed i.e. “He named the stars and called them out by name
  3.  The characters in the scroll are star pictures, first identified (through the week that they appear).Then they began to speak their lines (when their star names are revealed). And finally they become alive and begin to take action as befits their characters.

It is evident that the face of Jacob is a dumb idol will instruct Israel to win the war. After this war is won,the 1QM instructs them to say,

 Who is like Your people Israel, whom You have chosen for Yourself from all the peoples of the lands; the people of the saints of the covenant, learned in the statutes, enlightened in understanding [ . . . ] those who hear the glorious voice and see the holy angels, whose ears are open; hearing deep things. O God, You have created the expanse of the skies, the host of luminaries, the task of spirits and the dominion of holy ones, the treasures of Your glory [. . . ] clouds 

The understanding of Jacob’s ladder vision, and its relationship to the face of Jacob: is important for our time. The 1QM scroll also explains; Israel must fight a war of Gods and men: Our steps with their steps.


Fifth Topic

Scholars have noted; The songs of angelic praise come from an angelic priesthood, in the heavenly temple, and the Sabbath worship in that temple.

In this study we watch the movement of seven glorious star men; in relationship to the celestial alter. They are called Princes and spirits. 

Maimonides said:

In the days of Enos, the son of Seth, men fell into grievous errors, and even Enos himself partook of the infatuation. Their language was that since God has placed on high the heavenly bodies and used them as ministers, it was evidently his will that they should receive from man the same veneration as the servants of a great prince justly claim from the subject of the multitude Impressed with this notion, they began to build temples to the stars, to sacrifice to them, and to worship them, in vain expectation that they should please the creator in these things. At first indeed they did not suppose the stars to be the only Deities; but adored in conjunction with them the Lord Omnipotent. In the process of time, however that great and venerable Name was totally forgotten, and the whole of the human race retained no other religion than the idolatrous worship of the host of Heaven.” Morals and Dogmas 

The Great Pyramid (a microcosm of the celestial Temple) was built alter wise and battlement wise -Manly Hall. Our goal is to turn back the clock to learn how, God has placed on high the heavenly bodies and used them as ministers of the statutes 

Mamonides stated that Jacob’s Vision was a prophetic parable to be understood by breaking apart the words. By following this advice, a basis for learning the prophetic parable of Jacob is established. 

  1. ladder = the pyramid
  2. set up on earth = the Great Pyramid
  3. top reaching to heaven = star in the head of Ophiacus
  4. angels of God = this term applies to stars as well as angels ascending and descending = actions of stars.


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  2. Wow, you're astounding knowledge and wisdom has continued to expand into the outer limits, literally, in the 30 years that it has been since we talked a lot.

    I have also learned a lot.. including the fact that it appears that the 11/2 date seems to have become a reality this year, although it seems that everyone has missed it because they were expecting something else.. but I say the 70th week is now upon us. I guess we need to talk a lot, again.

  3. I had no idea how extensive your site is when I wrote previously. I should explain that I am living in a wilderness area, off grid, with very poor reception, and I am working on a phone that is way smarter than me, so I have hardly began to explore your site except for the audios, because about 5 years ago I tried to quit my job as a watchman in absolute discouragement... Shortly thereafter I woke up totally blind. With the promise of renewed efforts I was able to negotiate some minimal site back into my right eye, with the promise of more recovery as I make the world see the amazing things that I have seen.

    What I need to show you is that there is a Bible code in plain sight in plain English that reveals the exact dates of the prophetic events of Daniel and revelation, and the whole Bible actually. I won't take the time to complain about the total apostate condition of the churches today, or they're reluctant to hear the truth. I will simply say I am so thankful that after so many years of searching I have finally found you and Karl again.. and in a nick of time because from what I can see from these Bible codes is that the psalm 83 war should happen this year.. fortunately God's calendar does not change years are in January 1st like the Pope's calendar, so we have a little more time because I believe it will break out on Purim. But that is all I can say for now because I am losing reception and I'll probably lose this post which is typical but I will try to post it now and get back to you ASAP

  4. Beware the Ides of march because that really is the date of Purim if you use the true astronomical conjunction to establish the first day of the month instead of the Hebrew calendar, which uses the sighting of the new moon crescent,. which is typically a day later.

    The plot to exterminate the Jews is found in Esther 3:8-15
    . In this short passage the plan is presented to the kiñg, and approved.drafted and delivered...And now ready to be fulfilled again. With precise timing...oh yeah.and of course, also with the surprise ending that results in the death of all those who would have destroyed God's people.

    You will notice very soon
    that verses centered around Chapter 3 and Verse 11 are very prolifically connected to monumental events, and very powerful people... Events and people that are extremely good or extremely bad.

    It was because of chapter 3 and verse 11s that I began to see an uncanny correlation of themes that kept showing up in those same chapters and verses in different books. But to understand what this Bible Code is really about all you have to do is understand that the same God who inspired men to write his precise words also inspired other men later to categorize those words into chapters and verses that would also reflect the exact date by month and day that those events would be fulfilled on.

    A couple examples that I can think of for 3/11 would be the worst quake in modern history, because it will continue to pollute the ocean with millions of gallons of radioactive cooling water every day. 3/11 was also the day the w h o declared a worldwide pandemic... Which I dare not even comment about this abomination, but good things can happen on 311 like when the first printed Bible came off the first printing press... And hey I do believe that the girl scouts were founded on 311 and that's a good thing huh.. I got to go now.. but I'll be back

  5. "The 70th Week 101" has to start at Daniel 9:27 because that's the only place I know where the 70th week is mentioned. If we add 1260 days 9/27, or 9/28 by Israels time zone we come to that pesky 311 again. Most theologians would label this as the abomination of desolation date but I would label it as abomination that causes desolations date because abominations committed upon God's good people desolations upon the devil's dudes. Daniel 9:27 says that some guy confirms or strengthens a covenant on agreement with a lot of people, but somewhere about the midpoint something goes bad..So let's go to Daniel 3:11 to see what went wrong.. and we see that he is making a mandate that anyone who won't bow down to his image must die.

    But God has a different idea about things and he posted a message once that has a different meaning than most people are aware of.
    Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin also says 1,000, 1.000, 500 and 20. If you back up 2520 days from 9/27 you get 11/2, plus or minus one day because my memory is bad. If you add 1,260 days to 11/2 you get 4/15 which is the real abomination of desolation date because in spite of what Greenwich observatory calculated for Sir Robert Anderson Passover in 32 ad was not on 4/10 but 4/15, or 4/14 by US time zones. The 1,260 days of the two witnesses also ends at Zachariah 4/14 since we see John arising to measure (for?) the temple on revelation 11/1... So Christ was raised on 417 and the two witnesses will be raised on 417, and all of the saints will also be raised when that call comes come up here my beloved servants. It clearly says so in Thessalonians 4/17.. and Christ revealed it in Revelation 16/16 when he said I am getting ready to come like a thief. 16/16 also 4/16... The next verse Revelation 16:17 says and they gathered together for Armageddon. There is no PreFlight out of here folks.
    Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin is Daniel 5/24+2520 is also 4/17

  6. To find the 70th week in the Psalms we go to Psalms 83 for the beginning of that 7 years, so it shouldn't surprise you that Psalms 90 for the ending. To be more specific it is Psalms 90:10 which depicts the ending of the basic 2520 Days because it says that man's ears shall be 70 unless by strength they are extended to 80.. "and then we fly away".

    How Lindsay did get one thing right when he noted that the generation that sees the budding of the fig tree (Israel) would also see the fulfillment of these prophecies.. at least up to the coming of Christ when we fly away.. if he would have used this 80 year generation of man instead of 40 from 1948 he would have seen that we will fly away at the end of the 70th week in 2028. But even in the context of the 2520 day 70th week there are still the 1290 and the 1335 days and then still some unknown events sealed up in the Voices of The 7 Thunders, which John was not allowed to reveal to us, at that time.

    But if I may be so bored, as to speculate, I would surely think that the arrival of the two and a half mile long asteroid apothose, The Destroyer, on April 13th 2029...thats a big event we will miss.. but me thinks it won't miss this time.
    It hasn't been here since it's closes approach at the time of The Exodus.

    It is only the armies who take part in Armageddon who are destroyed during that war, but the Earth is still filled with millions of unrepentant evil people cursing God even more for what has happened. This is a time of judgment and wrath upon those. Yes, we will experience tribulation and Great tribulation and martyrdom,suffering The wrath of men, but we are gone now... Now it is a time of The Great Wrath of God to fall upon those who have hated Him and his holy people.

    But revelation 3:10 says that we are not appointed on to wrath.. and that's a good thing for

  7. Okay, I have shown you some precise dates that the Bible code shows for the 70th week. Now I will show you that this has already started, in real time right before your eyes. Are you going to be one who has eyes but can't see and ears but can't hear? Or are you going to be one of the Wise Ones who understands these things, and works towards snatching some out of the world wide Web of deceit and destruction and death? It is Time to sound the Trumpet folks!

    Corresponding to Daniel 5: 24-25.. The writing on the wall,
    We see that the man who seems to think he is God, even though he was born, by Israel time, on 6+6/6+6+6/6+6+6+6+6+6.., That guy., On 524 he announced the rollout of a 7-year plan to safe the world, and released written copies on 5/25. He planned to go with buddy Joe on a Halloween flight to the big conference of participants in Scotland to present his plan, and recruit participants.,,

    But he got sick and had to send some St Peter guy in his place to rendezvous with his partner, a prominent prince, who mañy know is a descendant of King David.. but very few know that that he is the 16th generation grandson of Dracula, and an heir in the Dracula estate, possibly even the count's Castle which he loves. He already owns mini properties in Transylvania, and is so loved there that many want to dub him Prince of Transylvania.. but I he has his heart set on being King of the whole world.

    Oh no my battery is getting low and I'm getting a server error message.. I hope I can help with get this sent.. got to go now

  8. I want to take a break for a moment and talk about the 144,000 because I just heard another radio preacher like 99% of them he is persisting in calling these 144,000 the 12 tribes of the Jews which is utterly ridiculous and this needs to stop. These people who are propagating this idea need to go back to basic Bible 101.

    I said I need to talk about this, and I do mean talk, and not teach because this subject is very elusive to me also. But I do know a few things that might help clarify because this is very important. Christians need to realize who Israel is and it is them the Lost tribes.

    I used to think that the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel were Divine protected teachers who would be sent out to gather the Lost Israelites from the many nations of the world where they were scattered but within the context of when we see them sealed in Revelation 7 seems to be way towards the end almost like during a big polar shift or something, because we see in chapter 6 which is even the 6th seal and then it says in chapter 7 after these things John saw the 144,000 getting ready to be sealed.. but the Bible code doesn't seem to give a clue to when, other than possibly 7/2 to 7/4,.. when all hell is getting ready to break loose on Earth, as if it already hasn't from the last part of chapter 6 including a big quake on 6/12, and stars shooting across the sky etc. Again which sounds much like maybe a pole shift.

    But it has just now occurred to me that yes surely, yes the 144,000 are indeed out there right now teaching this forgotten truth about the identity of Israel, which is not lost to God.. but I do have undeniable proof to show some things about the identity of the tribe of Dan. And it is not what your theologians are teaching you about Dan which brings us right to the subject of why is Dan not right here in Revelation being sealed. But I am going to hold off on that detailed explanation, but I will say now that one reason they're not there is because I will show you right now that the way you tribes are arranged in such a strange order in Revelation 7 is because they are declaring through the meanings of their names the exact mission and message that they have.

    Dan means judge. The 144,000 have nothing to do with judgment. But I am running out of time here so let me just tell you what the meaning message is from the names as they are listed in Revelation 7. I will try to put a comma in between each one of the names so I can count them afterwards to see if I got all 12. It says
    Something to the effect of this

    Praise God,, for behold a son is born, a son of Good Fortune, a son of happiness, my struggles with iniquity, God has caused me to forget, hearing the good news, of our joining or regathering, God has reinstated me, to an elevated position, with an abundance of blessings, by the sSon.on the right hand

  9. I told you earlier that 3/11 was a date connected to very powerful people and events in Bible prophecy, so let me show you what I mean by starting with the second beast that we see in Revelation 13:11 which ends at 13:18 with the 666. Take note that 1311 can say or mean One of the 3/11s.. the same is true of the first beast of Revelation 13:1-10. But hang on because now I am going to teach you another Bible code which I call the anagramic interpretation of numbers for prophetic purposes. An anagram is simply one word that sounds like another or in this case one number that sounds like a word which needs no further explanation. So that 1311 can say or mean Won on 3/11, or Won A 3/11, because the two witnesses are also 311s and they have to be Won, but let's back up because the Pope won his black Jesuit robe on 3/11. The coven of colleged Cardinals convened on 3/11, by us time, to elect him as Pope, which was done in record time and maybe accomplished by 3/12 or 13th?

    The life story of the two witnesses is told in Revelation 11:3-11, or if you include their Resurrection 3-12. Most people believe the two witnesses are Moses and Elijah.
    In Exodus 3:11 we find Moses at the burning bush, in front of the I Am that I Am.. and Moses is saying who am I that I am to save all Israel.
    To find the second of the two witnesses in Scripture by code we find in second Kings we see three kings who have just made a truce in fear of an invading army but still worried so they say is there not a prophet of God be around here? So in second Kings 3:11 we see the answer saying yes, Here is Elisha, son of the judge, and disciple of Elijah. l can't help but notice here that when the king of Israel approaches Elishah he says what have I to do with you king of Israel for I serve only the king of the Jews,

    I guess I should take time to also notice that we see the fall of Man that critical moment of confrontation as Adam says to God in Genesis 3:11 yeah she did eat it, so I did too, but the serpent made us do it. Passing the blame on to others for his sins. This was the Genesis the beginning but now we can look at the beginning of the journey back to redemption Exodus means taking that journey and I already quoted the redemption that God had in store where is Moses said who am I that I am to save all Israel?

  10. Okay let's see if we can get this 70th week timeline clarified a little... It is based on the 7 year Laudato Si.
    5/24/21 It was announced
    +1260 days
    11/4/24 Antichrist revealed?
    4/17/28 We Fly Away?

    5/24/21 Announced
    11/2/21 Confirmed by many
    3/15/22 Psalms 83 war?
    4/14/22 Passover...charlie is Promoted?

    11/1/24 John measures Temple..2 Wits 1260 Start?
    11/4/24 king charlie takes seat?

    4/14/28 The 2 Witnesses down Mid Passover week?
    4/17/28 Up Up and Away at End of the Passover week?

    4/13/29 Apothose the destroyer arrives

  11. Now let's talk about the 7 years of the beast, which we find in Daniel 4:14-17. As Nebuchadnezzar is telling his dream it comes to the point where a holy watcher in 4: 13 is pronouncing judgment upon Nebuchadnezzar's tree and binding the stump up for 7 years.. but in reality the fulfillment now is somewhat different, perhaps because these words are coming from a pagan King's dreams.

    You may have noticed in the timeline that I said Charlie was promoted on Passover 4/14/22... And you may remember that Christ was crucified on Passover of 4/14/32... So this will be 1990 years after Christ was crucified.. so why do I think that Charlie will be taking a victory lap on Passover 4/14/22?
    Because Charlie was born on 11/14 which says that he w o n on 1/14... And what does 1/14 have to do with 4/14? 1/14 is Passover on the Hebrew calendar, and on 1/14/22 Passover does indeed fall on 4/14/22.. but 11/14, Charlie's birthday, can also say w o n on 11/4 which is the midst of the week in or on this timeline.. but there are other timelines too which I haven't mentioned yet. And we will be talking about the 11/2 timeline at the proper appointed time which I do believe will be very soon.. and how it was giving a one-year warning just like we see Nebuchadnezzar was given a one-year warning before the prophecies fell upon him.

    And just as we see that it takes 30 years for a man to be eligible to be a priest, we will see that this 11/4 was given a fulfilled 30 years ago, but now has come into the fullness of its maturity.

  12. Now that we have simplified the timeline I am afraid that I'm going to have to complicate it a bit, because I haven't yet told you that there are actually three different 70th weeks. And each one of them starts at a different time and forms different dates, and there are things that are not accounted for on this timeline that I've shown you.

    The reality of the three different 70th weeks is made possible by the fact that Daniel uses the word TIME to represent a year. Daniel's friends are thrown into the furnace hearted seven Times hotter than normal. And Time Times and a half of a Time represents three and a half years.. but how long is a year? Our solar year is 365.25 days which makes a 2557 day 70th week. By using Daniels 360-day year we have the 2,520 day 70th week. But a 70th week of 84 months is 2,480 days. In Hebrew the word Moon and month are exactly the same thing and the time span between the Lunations of the Moon is 29.531 days.

    One thing most people don't realize is that the 490 years of the 70 weeks is an ongoing celestial cycle. So if we take Yahshuas words that we should 4Give our brother 70 x 7 Times when he sins against you,.. then that 1960 year time of forgiveness for His Brothers causing Him to be nailed to the cross in 32 ad, then God would deal with the Jews during the time of the 70th week.

    So then 32 ad Plus the 1960 years time span should have brought us to 1992... Which is just one reason why I predicted the first 70th week for 1992. Then I found two other people who had also predicted it on the basis of the aligning of the Hebrew Holidays to the Pattern of the 70th week in 1991.

    This one year pre warning is a direct parallel of what we see in Daniel where we see Nebuchadnezzar saying that 12 months after Daniel interpreted his dream those things did indeed fall upon him and he was deposed from his kingship for 7 years. He became a beast for 7 years which represents the seven years of the beast. The two other people predicted the 70th week for 11/2 /91.. and indeed 3 days before on Halloween the first set of Middle East peace talks began... But then they broke off on 11/2 because it was the Jews Sabbath. I have stated for many years that the prophecies of God are always accompanied with the 3-day sign of Jonah, which is also represented by the 7/2 hours in 3 days, and by the 3/20 hours in 3 days.. please don't laugh at what I am telling you you will prove yourself to be very foolish if you don't listen.

    My prediction was for 11/4 or 5 of 92... But I knew of nothing right up until the time that I went to the store on 11/5 to buy a paper to see if anything happened.. Bingo! Front Page News was Russian Parliament ratifies 7-year Start One Treaty...

    It was at that time that I got my first clue that maybe the 7-year treaty wasn't going to be a peace treaty with the Jews because the Jews are the few. It is the house of Israel who are the many.
    Then 7 years after that, when that 70th week ended, Bush made the road map to peace treaty three and a half years later.. if you use a little variation how long is a year?

    It takes 30 years for a man to mature enough to become a priest in the Hebrew religion I believe.. maybe it also takes 30 years of incubation of an idea, like when is the 70th week. The wise can run timelines of 2,480 days and of 2,520 days from 4/15/32 ad and see what they can find if they want because each one of these timelines regresses so that for an example,at a certain point the 2520 day timeline around the 255 years will have its center on the solar timelines beginning or vice versa someone that is not dyslexic can figure that stuff put haha got to go

  13. I spent the next several days posting the timeline of the 70th week, and explaining the events. But I am not going to try to rehash any of that now... I am just here now to inform you that all of the sudden all of these posts have disappeared. But the good news is that it was at this point that I started drafting these posts in the draft section of my email so that I could draft a partial post then save it and take a break and come back later to add more or finish it, and then copy and paste it into the comment box on this site. So I am hoping that it was an automated monitoring system that detected that these comments were being copied and pasted from a source, which is a method that naysayers and trolls might use, rather than posting real comments in real time. So this is an experiment because I am copying and pasting this from my email draft to see if it posts, and how long that post will remain before it's deleted.

    Hopefully I will find that all I have to do is dictate these posts into the text box rather than copy and paste them.. but still probably 90% of my time involves trying to make minor edits to what my talk to text thought that I said rather than what I really said.

    My big problem is that in order to see my screen my eye has to be about four or five inches away with a high-powered spot magnifier in between. I guess this magnifies the blue light which doesn't take very long before it completely destroys my eyesight for a while, so I have to take breaks.. although I was very encouraged to see that my screen time threshold had greatly increased, which tells me that some people are actually hearing what I am saying... Although no one is commenting yet.

  14. Okay let's see if we can get this 70th week timeline clarified a little... It is based on the 7 year Laudato Si.. also known as the Catholic climate change covenant. Of course the first argument will be that this has nothing to do with a 7-year treaty with the Jews! And I would respond, that's right it has nothing to do with a 7 year treaty with the Jews because you can't find a 7-year treaty with the Jews in the Bible. What you find in Daniel 9:27 is that he shall confirm a covenant with the many.. and it is the Lost tribes of Israel who are the many, although they don't know it. The Jews are the few, no doubt about that. This idea was brought to my attention when I predicted the first 70th week for 11/4 or 11/5 of 1992. I was surprised to see the front page news on 11/5 that said, Russian Parliament ratifies 7-year start one treaty... Which I will talk about later.

    But now, let's see what we can see, starting with the simple breakdown of the 1260 days and the 1260 days.

    5/24/21 The covenant was announced bye Mr 666
    +1260 days
    11/4/24 Antichrist could be revealed as he takes his seat in the temple?
    +1260 days
    4/17/28 Could be whenWe Fly Away? Psalms 90:10

    Now let's add some more details, most of which we have already discussed:
    5/24/21 Announced
    11/2/21 the covenant Confirmed by many in Scotland at COP26.

    3/15/22 is Purim, which I originally speculated as the date of the Psalms 83 war, but there are some big problems with that idea. But it does seem to be the date of some event that 3 days later will result in a new declaration concerning the territories of Israel.
    3/18/22 will be 3 years since 3 events on 3/18/19 indicated to me that that will be some sort of a change concerning who owns parts of Israel. One event that you all should be aware of is that Trump declared to Golan Heights as Israel's territory, and not Syrian. That's right Mr President, Danite territory!

    4/14/22 Passover... And the Jeremiah 4: 14-17 invasion of the cities of Judah.. does Prince charlie come at this time as the conquering Messiah that the Jews have always expected is ?

    11/1/24 John measures the Temple.. and the 1260 days of the 2 Witnesses begins?
    11/4/24 king charlie takes a seat in the temple?

    4/14/28 The 2 Witnesses down Mid Passover week?
    4/17/28 Up Up and Away at End of the Passover week?

    4/13/29 Apothos the destroyer arrives

  15. Wow everything came back after I posted that revised timeline. So it looks like we will be able to move on to the Jeremiah 4:14 to 17 passage, which is extremely complex, but in the end it will solve a lot of mysteries. And it will bring some things to your attention that will seem to be absolutely unbelievable, but will prove to be absolutely undeniable.. stay tuned!!!

  16. I Think I need to change the subject here for a little while, because of a new clue that has popped into view pertaining to a series of visionary dreams from 50 years ago that got me started on this journey. The common theme in all of these dreams was the message that, We were migrating to a Faraway shore because the prophets of old had said so, and we had to swim hard because it was a long ways off... So I guess I am not really changing the subject, I am just moving into a new form of Revelation concerning the same subjects,

    Actually though, I guess I should go ahead and post what I was preparing to post when I discovered that several of my posts had disappeared. I guess I really need to just clarify the fact that I do not think that the Psalms 83 war will occur on Purim, but I will not yet try to explain what I think might happen instead.
    Houston I have a problem with my idea that the Psalms 83 war would occur on the 3/15/22 Purim date..
    And I am having trouble understanding how any significant number of the 10 Lost tribes can return to Israel until after the Psalms 83 war. I have always had the impression that one of the reasons for the Psalms 83 war was to clear out territory around Israels present borders to make room for those lost tribes to return... And I thought Israel had very strict immigration policies, especially now with the omnicon virus... And that they would not be willing to accept any so-called lost tribe Brothers back into the land, until something happened that would make t

    So now, as we come to the passage that I have pretty much based my life around, we see that the invasion that is spoken of there in Jeremiah 4:14 to 4:17 ( and beyond) is an invasion Israel at that time, then why is it that this invasion is only against the cities of Judah?

    Jeremiah 4:14-17 says something to the effect of:
    Cleanse your heart from evil, Oh Jerusalem, that you may be saved. How long will you continue with your evil thoughts? Listen up,,
    A voice declares from Dan proclaiming affliction from Mount Ephraim. Publish it to the Nations, and proclaim it in Jerusalem, that watchers come from a far place, shouting against the cities of Judah. Like watchmen over their garden they are roundabout her, and against her, because she has rebelled against me, sayeth the Lord.

    The first thing I need to say about this passage is that, in my opinion, these so-called "watchers" are not what you may think. They are natsars, not the Holy Watchers that are mentioned in Daniel 4:13 and 4:17, or the ones connected to the tribe of Dan in I Chronicles 7:12. These Holy Watchers are IR s... Not natsars..

    This word is used 62 times, in the KJV, but only once is it translated as watchers, and once as watchmen. But 37 times It is translated as keep, and 12 times as preserve. But also as strange words like hidden things, or monuments.. which other Bibles have actually translated as tombstones... I think.

    There is one verse that I can't remember where it's at that shows how out of touch the KJV translators were about this word. What one Bible might describe as secret rituals among the tombstones, under the idol in the midst of The Grove...
    Çonversly, the KJV makes it sound more like a 4th of July celebration at a national monument, under the shade tree in the garden. Ha Ha... more or less.. in other words they just don't seem to have a good grasp on this word. So in my opinion this word that they translated as keep would be understood better if it was "possess", and that which is kept is possessed. Because this about possessing and being possessed by the spirits that dwell in idols and that jump to people when they worship those idols and pagan gods. So I believe that the natsars spoken of here are demon possessed people who think they have the right to possess the land of Israel.

    It seems that there's a new limit $4,096 characters per post., Bummer

  17. Okay I guess I did get a little long-winded there.. 4096 characters isn't bad. So continuing on with the last post:

    In order to understand who the natsars are we need to understand that the Genesis 6 giants were a result of the so-called fallen angels of Jude 1, mating with the daughters of men. This unholy union created the nephilim giants... who were almost regarded like god's.. not god's who were loved, but who definitely had to be respected. When nephilim giants died their earthbound spirits became what we know as demonic spirits. It is the power of the spirits that manifest through the pagan religions and seem to give life to their idols. And the practitioners of these religions open themselves up to possession by these unholy spirits.

    This is why God had a no tolerance policy on some Nations that the Israelites encountered, because they were not only demonically possessed because of their willing worship of their false gods and idols, But their DNA was also polluted by their willing or unwilling participation in the nephilim breeding program.. It was only these nations that God instructed the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child... And beast, because the nephilim were not fussy about what they mated with

    One thing that seems kind of unclear in this Jeremiah 4: 14-17 prophecy where it says a voice from Dan declares affliction from Mount Ephraimis.. the first question is, Is this voice from Dan coming from the area of Mount Ephraim or is this warning concerning that the people who are invading are coming from Mount Ephraim.. if the people in this case are coming from Mount Ephraim we must consider that a mountain often refers to a king or a Kingdom. And there is no doubt if you read Genesis 48 that Ephraim, Israel's grandson through Joseph, was to become a multitude or a company of Nations. How is it that modern theologians don't seem to understand this? And also that Manessah is the United States..

    But like I was saying I am going to hold off on this subject for a while because New Year's Eve is coming and that reminds me of a series of dreams from 1971 and 72 that got me started on this journey of trying to figure out what the prophets of old had said and when and where will we migrating to. So that's what I want to talk about next, it could be very timely concerning what is getting ready to happen.

  18. In 1971 and 1⁹72 I had a series of visionary dreams. In the shortest version of these dreams I was on a long Sandy Beach with a continuous blast of a siren on my right. 150 to 200 people and myself we're running into the surf with every manner of personal watercraft, even air-mattresses and inner tubes. A voice from the sky was saying we were migrating to a far away shore because the prophets of old had said so and we had to swim hard because it was a long ways off.

    In the original and much longer version of this dream it was New Year's Eve and also New Year's Day, and 2 or 3 days afterwards, and it was also the First day of Fishing Season. And somehow all of these dates were all the same... Or had something in common. Then I got this really original idea of going fishing on that first day of fishing season. Then I found myself and my older 9/9 brother approaching the fishing dock, but as we got to it my brother handed me his fishing pole saying take mine, it is already set up. This was because the firstborn has a double blessing from God, but if he rejects God then that double blessing is passed on to the second born so that the second born now has a triple blessing in order to accomplish our pre-planned mission. My older brother later died after accepting Christ.

    Okay so, I walked out to the end of the dock, with my brother's Pole, And as soon as I cast my line into the water it was struck by such a big strike that I became fearful of being pulled into the water and ate by whatever was on the line. I backed up away from the end of the dock as I found myself in the struggle of my life as I engaged myself in a tug of war with this thing. Then my brother began shouting Look Out it's a 5 foot shark, which was ridiculous, because this was a fresh water lake. But he kept on yelling to the point where I was starting to get annoyed, so I turned towards him to tell him that it can't be a shark. But a sudden jerk and a jolt brought my attention back to my struggle, and as I looked, sure enough, a big fat 5 foot shark was crawling up onto the end of the dock with its fins and sinking the dock..But then it transformed into a 5 foot jawbone with 3 foot long teeth. And it was just suspended in mid-air, and it just hovered there, snapping at me. I wanted to run but I was afraid to turn my back on it. Finally I got the courage and the supernatural strength to kick it in the upper lip, but there were no lips, it was just teeth and bones. It fell back into the water and I began walking back towards shore watching along the side of the dock. Then a 14 to 16 inch trout swam by, with a date on its back, but immediately the dock sank and I was in the water swimming towards the center of the lake with my brother behind me saying the words that we were migrating to a far away shore because the prophets of old had said so and we had to swim hard because it was a long ways off.

    Then all of the shoreline around the lake also sank, and we were now in the wide open ocean, and my brother was still behind me saying the same thing.

    Those dreams changed my life and made me into the person I am today, because I had to know what it was that the prophets of old had said... And where were we going? And Why? And when? The reality of the dreams gave me a great interest in learning about dream interpretation, but It still took a long time for me to figure out what this series of dreams was talking about. So let me give you some help, with some clues, to help you understand what it took me so long to figure out.. at least what I have figured out so far, because now, for the first time in 50 years, a new aspect that I had almost forgotten about has now manifested.

  19. A few days ago, for the first time in 50 years I actually heard on the radio that the First Day of salmon Fishing Season this year, will begin on New Year's! Day. I can't remember all of the little clues that manifested in 1991 to alert me to the first 70th week in 1992, but one of the clues that I wasn't aware of until Karl and Karin brought it to my attention, was that the old New Year's of Tishri 1, on the Hebrew calendar coincided with the 9/9 birthday of my brother who was giving me the warnings in some of the dreams.
    Tishri 1 on the Hebrew calendar coincides with his 9/9 birthday on the Pope's calendar about every 30 years.

    But at the time of The Exodus God changed the beginning of the year from this Tishri 1 date to Nissan 1. In 2022 this Nissan 1 date falls on 4/1, But what I am getting ready to tell you is not in April fool's joke. While the old Tishri 1 New Year's date coincided with the birthday of my closest kin, this 4/1 Nissan 1 date in 2022 coincides with the birthday of my biggest adversary. Although in truth I believe he is a long lost Dañite brother whose ancestry came from the 600 families who went North and overthrew Laish, in the Golan heights, and renamed it Dañ. But they didn't realize that the Golan Heights was where the territory of Bashan had it start.. Also known as the Kingdom of Og, who was Goliath's brother. Many of those Danites we're polluted with nephilim DNA, and that diluted polluted DNA is still here today.

    So my nephilim neighbors moved in 18 years ago, then the property hubs were moved, And Mr April fools joke began demanding that I get off of his land. Then he built his house with no permit right on the turnaround of this Dead End road. And then spent the next 15 years trying to convince the cops the courts and the whole community that I was an illegal squatter on his property

    Remember a while back when I told you that on 3/18/19 president Trump announced that the Golan heights belonged to Israel and not to Syria. Then one week later on 3/ 25, with BB netanyahu at the White House, Mr Trump signed an official document stating that fact. So that one week can also be considered like 7 years when that fact will be official forever, signed sealed and delivered by the Messiah. Or at least that seems to be the picture that is being painted here by the signs of the times that are manifesting. So that is one reason why I suspect that there will be some announcement around the 3/15/22 Purim date. So perhaps it will be some formal recognition of Israel territory that will anger Israel's enemies to take action around the 4/14 Passover.

    But you see my point is here that it was on that same day of 3/18/19 when a multi-millionaire land owner and developer came here to tell me that I had to get off of my neighbor's easement because this land developer needed to punch a road through to get to the 10 acres behind me to log them.
    But I was able to show him that the neighbor had built his house on his easement and I have left room on my easement, right where my half of the road is supposed to be. So the powerful landowner had to admit, and did indeed declare that same day, that this land belongs to the Duncans(the Dan clan), and not my (nephilim) neighbors.. This type of "co-incidental"
    Connection is what God calls a similitude in Hosea.. saying I will manifest similitudes in the ministry of my prophets. Similitudes are very abundant in my life, because I'm usually not smart enough to understand things without them. Anyway so now I've given you a clue about what might happen around Purim so now I can move on probably next to the interpretation of the dreams. Coming soon.. stay tuned.